Built on humble beginnings, The Victorian Eureka became an important part of the towns founding history. The first family to call The Victorian Eureka home, was William Carson, his wife Sarah and their four children. While living in the home, Carson built a hugely successful empire as a lumber baron with partner John Dolbeer. Their partnership, which spanned over eighty years, became what is know as The Dolbeer Carson Mill and their success was based on Dolbeer’s invention of the steam donkey engine. This machine would enable them to produce more board feet faster than anyone else around and they quickly became one of the most successful suppliers of useable lumber available on the market at the time.


     The house was originally on the bluff of 130 M Street overlooking

the bay and the mill. The Carson’s raised their four children in this

more modest home until the later 1880’s when they finished and

moved into the more fantastic “Carson Mansion”.
The home stayed in the Carson’s possession until 1915 when it

was given to an employee of the mill, John Gillis. He held onto the

property for over 5 decades as it reinvented itself as many things…

home, more than once a bed and breakfast, and yes…. even a brothel!

        In the early 2000s the house went under extensive improvements which

included the wing off of the kitchen, what is now know as the Bohemian Garden Suite on the bottom and the Bohemian Grande above. In 2013 River Hagg and wife Samantha bought the house with a grand vision to polish the beauty up and keep her legacy alive to share with others.
     With a Masters Degree in Interior Architecture, Samantha saw this house as a perfect rough canvas for her design vision. For the next three years, she would gut the majority of the house and completely re-do the interior from paint, to carpet to furniture. All the furniture and materials in the house were sourced on trips throughout California and Oregon. From the Pasadena Rose Bowl Market to various antique auctions to local yard sales, Samantha spent much time in procuring what would be assembled  in The Victorian Eureka while also painting, tiling, plastering and refinishing the building.
     The Victorian Eureka features extraordinary art, antiques, and gardens; something to enchant you at every turn. Every object we've collected has its own history and we love sharing these treasures and their stories with you. Let curiosity be your guide as you stroll throughout. There's enough room to mingle, yet it's easy to find a private nook for reading, a conversation in the garden, or a game on the porch.
     Our six unique guest rooms feature designer furniture and fabrics,  some with private baths, memory foam mattresses with luxurious bedding, blutooth radios, all natural soap, hand lotion, shampoo and conditioner and complimentary WIFI. There will always be fresh coffee available downstairs at the coffee bar near the kitchen. We feel life is in the details and we hope you enjoy all The Victorian Eureka has to offer.

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1521 3rd Street,
Eureka, CA 95501     1-707-798-6131

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